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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Your eyesight is a precious gift and guarding against vision loss is essential to maintaining your quality of life. By taking the simple step of making a comprehensive eye examination part of your routine healthcare regimen you can protect the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision for a lifetime.

After reviewing your overall medical history and gathering relevant information on your eye health through the years, we perform a clinical exam to check the health of your eyes and assess your vision through a series of comfortable tests. Your visual acuity, the degree to which your eyes work together, how well your eyes follow a moving object, and your depth perception are all thoroughly evaluated.

As part of your comprehensive eye exam, you are also screened for eye diseases that can lead to vision loss. Many eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, as well as other conditions affecting the retina, demonstrate few if any overt signs or symptoms until irreparable damage to your eyesight has occurred. Detecting diseases that can threaten your eyesight in their earliest stages enables the most effective management and care.

Contact Lens Exam

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses or you are due to have your current pair of contacts checked, our office will perform a specialized evaluation to measure and assess your eyes. Different from a routine eye exam, an exam for contact lenses not only ensures your contact lenses will fit properly but also makes certain they provide the required vision improvements and that your eyes will be able to tolerate wearing lenses without any harmful consequences. It is important to keep in mind that a contact lens exam does not replace having a comprehensive or routine eye exam to assess the health of your eyes.

The reason different measurements are required for contact lenses is that unlike an eyeglass lens, which is positioned approximately 12mm away from your eye; a contact lens sits directly on the surface of your eye. Once your eyes have been measured and evaluated, our office will discuss the types of contact lenses and wear schedules that are available to you. Depending upon your vision requirements and your lifestyle, we’ll guide you in choosing the most suitable and effective contact lenses to address all your needs.

Dry Eye

Suffering from dry eye can be more than just mildly annoying. It is often a chronic condition that can result in significant discomfort and cause visual disturbances that interfere with your daily activities.

Symptoms of dry eye may include:

  • Stinging, burning, or scratching sensation
  •  Gritty or sandy feeling, as if something is in the eye
  •  Stringy mucus in or around the eyes
  •  Blurred vision
  •  Sensitivity to light
  •  Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  •  Eye fatigue
  •  Intermittent excessive tearing

If you are experiencing persistent symptoms of dry eye, it is important to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. During this visit, our eye doctor will check your symptoms, review your overall health history and discuss which medications you are taking that may be contributing to this condition. We will also examine your eyelids, evaluate your blink dynamics and inspect the cornea of your eyes. As part of this evaluation, we will look for any environmental factors that may be putting you at risk for dry eye. Diagnostic tests to measure the quantity and quality of your tears will be performed as needed.

The treatment our office prescribes for your dry eye will be determined by the severity of your symptoms and if any underlying conditions are present. The overall objective of the treatment plan is to restore a sufficient amount of tears to relieve your eye discomfort, minimize the dryness, and protect the health of your eyes. While artificial tears and soothing ointments work well in many situations, other approaches may be advised for more advanced or unresponsive cases of dry eye. Additional treatment options may include anti-inflammatory eye drops or tablets, medications to boost tear production, or procedures to conserve tears and prevent them from draining away. Sometimes special lenses or goggles are recommended to keep the moisture in your eyes.



For information on this cutting edge technology, please visit the TearScience website.

Optical Department

For those patients needing glasses or contact lenses, we offer a complete optical department. We carry a wide selection of luxury eyewear and designer frames.


Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is a method of vision correction that eliminates the need to wear eyeglasses or use contact lenses during the day. The procedure, which is also known as overnight vision correction or corneal reshaping, involves the use of specially designed rigid gas-permeable contact lenses to gently reshape the cornea. Placed at bedtime and removed in the morning, these lenses precisely mold the front surface of the eye so that clear, crisp vision can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Ortho-K provides a safe and therapeutic option for vision correction in children, teens, and adults. Commonly used to address mild to moderate myopia (nearsightedness), other types of refractive errors may also be treated with this method of care. Ortho-K offers an effective, non-surgical alternative to LASIK and other refractive surgeries for individuals who because of their youth or issues involving the health of their eyes are not candidates for those procedures. It is also a good choice for people who are active in certain sports, or have jobs in environments where wearing contact lenses can be more difficult.

With Ortho-K, vision markedly improves as the reshaped cornea correctly focuses light on the retina to produce clearer images. Thanks to Ortho-K, perfect or near perfect vision can be enjoyed throughout the day. While some people experience significant improvements in vision after just a night or two of wearing Ortho-K lenses, more time may be needed for complete vision correction in cases involving larger refractive errors.

Besides being non-invasive and suitable for patients of all ages, treatment with Ortho-K is completely reversible. This means that it can be discontinued at any time without any permanent changes to your eyes; thereby leaving you free to once again explore wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses during the day or having a LASIK procedure.

Emergency Eye Care

With over 30 years of experience we are well equipped to handle many types of eye emergencies and stand ready to provide you, as well as any member of your family, with prompt and effective care. If you have received an injury to your eye, gotten something stuck in your eye, your eye is red or painful, or are experiencing a sudden loss of vision or unusual visual disturbances, it is important that you contact our office right away for care. These are urgent situations that may require immediate attention to prevent more serious consequences, including increased injury, infection, and even vision loss. By utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and providing expert care, we will precisely diagnose, treat, and help you to manage your eye care emergency.